Apollonia Saintclair 514 - 20140728 La fille qui aimait la pluie (Rider on the storm)

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I’ve still been in kind of a funk but when in doubt, draw a witch. 

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I guess this falls into the Inktober category. 

Edit - This will also be in the WoolfPack Hallow-Zine. 

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" Invocation " by Santiago CARUSO Mixed media / 56 cm x 75 cm / 2006-2007. On view at Copro Gallery on the group show “ROADSIDE ATTRACTIONS" with many GREAT artists.
Copro Gallery 2525 Michigan Ave, Unit T5, Santa Monica, California 90404

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The Great Wall of Vagina - Jamie McCartney (x)

Jamie made molds of the vaginas of women between 18 and 76 years. Among others, they include twins and transgender women. Women are often confused about their vagina, because they think it looks different: with this project he demonstrates that vaginas are as different as faces. McCartney hopes that his work will help to stop the increasing growth of labia corrections in recent years.

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"I know I’m not good enough for you" 

Blue Valentine - A Film By Derek Cianfrance

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Apollonia Saintclair 528 - 20140930 Le phare (Enlightening the world)

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Protesters in New Delhi are hit with a police water cannon blast during their demonstration following the brutal gang rape of a 23-year-old woman, which has sparked  powerful protests in India’s capital in recent days.

[Saurabh Das/AP]

Countries ABC, protest: India

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the day i smoke a blunt on the balcony of a home i own, i might just shed a tear cuz I’ll know i finally made it

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. 

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Yusuke Asai Paints Sprawling Earth Art Murals From Texan Soil

at Rice Gallery

Japanese artist Yusuke Asai just unveiled his latest immersive mud art masterpiece right in the heart of Texas. Like Asai’s other artworks, his new sprawling Yamatane installation in Houston’s Rice Gallery is made from locally-sourced soil mixed in with other natural materials. His versatility with the medium is astounding—although Asai started with just ten pigments, he managed to create no less than 27 different shades in his mural.

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